Project Description

Coll Association Committee & Partners, 1976 (ish)

Many of today’s Coll Association members are descended from those seen in this photo.

Back row, left to right:

Angus Kennedy, Andy MacKinnon, Alan Griffiths, Dave Allan, Allan MacFadyenJohn MacLean, Lyle Morrison, Katie Kennedy, unknown, Dougie Brown


Middle row, left to right:

Margaret Allan, Rosemary Griffiths, Carol MacLean, Nancy MacFadyen, Anne Walker, Cathy Brown, Margaret MillerChristine Galbraith, Flora Kennedy, Terry Brown, David Moore


Front row, left to right:

Sylvia MacFadyen, Sadie Moore, Mary-Jane MacKinnon, Neil MacFadyenMorag MacKinnon, Lillian FeldmanKay MacKinnon